Welcome to BioInspire™

Our mission is to be known as Arizona’s premier incubator of companies developing medical devices. Bioinspire was created through the partnership of BioAccel®, Plaza Companies, and the City of Peoria, Arizona.

BioInspire, operated by BioAccel, will offer first-class working space, technical/business assistance and collaborative opportunities. Unique to BioInspire is its focus on medical devices and, most importantly, that qualified tenants, through BioAccel’s commercialization programs, may receive up to $300,000 for working capital and/or free or greatly reduced rent. (See more information on our Programs and Benefits.) The goal of the facility is to enable companies to validate their technologies through proof of concept, thereby facilitating their growth.

Council of Advisors

Click here to download a PDF of the Bioinspire Council of Advisors.

BioAccel/BioInspire Staff

Kelvin Ning

Kelvin Ning is the Interim Director of BioInspire and the Associate Director of Business and Technology Development at BioAccel. Mr. Ning brings a unique blend of more than 12 years of start-up medical device experience from the Silicon Valley. Mr. Ning was the previous Director of R&D at Bacchus Vascular (now Covidien), and head of engineering at several other small firms. He also was head of manufacturing, Director of Product Marketing, conducted clinical trials in Europe, and is a certified reimbursement researcher. Mr. Ning has helped establish quality control systems, written regulatory submissions, clinical publication strategies and assisted sales teams in training and physician proctoring. His background covers peripheral vascular, cardiovascular, wound care, emphysema and orthopedics. Mr. Ning is an expert at identifying clinical unmet needs and creating a path for commercialization.


The facility is located on the Plaza del Rio Campus, a 180-acre “medical hub” featuring 400,000 square feet of medical and healthcare offices and outpatient centers along with 1,000 beds of various components of senior living options. The campus will provide an environment for the growth of companies once they leave the incubator.

Bioinspire consists of 6,800 square feet divided into four individual laboratories, one larger common laboratory (a unique feature providing laboratory access to tenants that do not require an individual lab), ten offices of various configurations providing for flexibility, a break room where tenants can connect and a shared conference room.